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About Us

Galaxy India is seamless with innovation, quality, and trust since its foundation. Our reputed and world-class products make us a vibrant name in the healthcare industry. We understand the medically challenging interventions and expectation from hospitals, healthcare institutions, clinical and medical centers across the Globe.

All our surgical tables, surgical lights, and their surgical accessories become the absolute solution for operating rooms, hybrid operating rooms, laboratories and Intensive Care Units.

Management Team

The company is managed and organized under the supervision of Mr. S. S. Gupta, Managing Director. He applied his educational background in mechanical and process engineering. His qualification and father guidance has helped him to reach the desired goals and offer the best medical equipment’s worldwide.

He believes that constant innovation is required to make the product better and suitable for patients. He makes constant conversation with medical authorities to make the products better, safe and secure.

Products and Services

Our all products are cost-effective and worthwhile that meets the requirements of different surgeons and helps them to perform various tasks.

The wide spectrums of products are remote-controlled with C- Arm compatibility. The product range includes: Acura,  Acura Advance, Acura Advance Plus, Acura Bariatric, Aura Multifunction obstetric Table and their desired accessories to make surgery reliable and secure.

Research and Development

The research and Development department of Galaxy India provides the updated technology and expertise products. The company co-founder believes that the strength of any product lies in the innovation-techno and customer satisfaction.

We strive hard to achieve continuous growth as “We are open to new ideas”. Our aim is to provide trust, openness, sustainability, and commitment to all the investments made in research and development.

Core Values

The company is achieving success with its long-lasting belief and growing culture. We work with best people, meet highest standards, sustainability, applauding achievements, and strive to make our products reliable and secure.

We also take social responsibility and make them as an integral part and parcel of our company culture. We are committed to providing the best medical products and accessories while protecting the planet for future generations.

Our Forte

We strive hard for compassion, care, quality, and reliability. We provide innovative technologies and solutions to enhance clinical expertise, healthcare professionals, for overall healthcare industry development.

We endeavor to become the preferred partner for all aspects of the medical centers, hospitals, healthcare institutions, and clinics.

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