Product Description
  • Five section eccentrically positioned radio-translucent table top without cross members facilitates C-arm imaging. The table top is made of specially developed radio-translucent material for excellent fluoroscopic capability.
  • Operating positions i.e. Height adjustment, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt and Back Section are precisely and smoothly controlled by cabled handheld Remote using Linear Actuators from LINAK A/S, Denmark. A low voltage system is used to ensure safety of the user.
  • The remote is ergonomically designed with symbolic position figures making it simple to use.
  • The new futuristic design SMPS Control Box with microprocessor based software system for functionality.
  • The Head and Foot Section are removable and interchangeable, capacitating a single table’s use in varied surgical procedures. These are manually operated by means of ratchet system.
  • Built-in manually operated Jack-type Kidney Elevator flushed with the table top without any protruding part thus allowing enhanced C-Arm Image Intensifier maneuverability.
  • Maintenance Free Lifting System: State-of-the-art lifting system comprising of hi-precision bearings with large contact surface which ensures the highest rigidity for heavy loads and smooth up-down movement. All bearings are permanently grease lubricated thus making this lifting system virtually maintenance free for lifetime.
  • Non-corrosive SS304 Grade Stainless Steel base and cylinder covers for easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Beautifully finished with silver metallic PU paint and all stainless steel parts are matt finished.
  • Complete with SS304 Grade Stainless Steel side-rails, clamps and standard accessories.
  • Technical Specifications
  • Standard Accessories
  • Operating Positions

Table top size (L x W) : 1880 x 500 mm
Minimum height (without mattress) : 735 mm
Maximum height (without mattress) : 985 mm
Trendelenburg / ReverseTrendelenburg : 20o / 20o
Lateral Tilt (Left/Right) : 20o / 20o
Back section adjustment : +70o / – 25o
Head section adjustment : +40o / – 90o
Leg section adjustment : + 15o / – 90o
Load capacity : 150 Kgs
Power supply : 220V AC – 50Hz

‘L’ shaped Anaesthetic Screen : One pc
Padded Shoulder Support : One pair
Padded Lateral Support : One pair
Radio-translucent Armboard with pad : Two pcs
Wristlet : One pair
Goepel Knee Crutch with straps : One pair
PU Foam Mattress : One set

Cardio and Vascular Surgery

General Surgery, Gynaecology and Urology


Orthopaedics and Traumatology

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